Progress Report X-28-1 Career: The Perspective

The particular perspective of my career is that I want to learn more about the world of games. Personally, I tried to learn as much as I can and work off from there. As for my aspirations, I personally do not have a specific goal in mind. I chose this particular subject in particular because I was more mathematically attuned, but is extremely poor at memorizing science or technical terms that I would find in science. While I know that science does has its elements in games, I wanted to learn on the fundamentals on how games work and it seemed that it clicked with me more than the basis.

As for the reasons why I took interest in the gaming world and its industry, it is likely because of experience when I was young, taking an interest in educational games and role-playing games, I look at myself and saw that I was fascinated with how characters can come to life and look at myself and see how media can convey a story. I was entranced and obsessed with the idea of what makes a game and how it works. And at first, I always looked at them in terms of their aesthetics and how they benefit the gameplay without giving a massive consideration to gameplay mechanics and how they play off of each other to become a dynamic which enhances experience in games. Although that mindset seems biased, I find myself interested with how they work and what would they do to make it work and in the end, I was able to come to a decision that lets me try to put myself on this career path I’ve been going through and with my parents supporting me to do so, I wanted to go through with this to the very end without regretting the choice that I made this path.

So the point is, Existential crisis and literally just went along for the ride. I simply want to learn as much as I can during my young days and apply what I can learn. Having some fondness over games when I was young, I wanted to learn what it really means to be on a “crunch” period or when we’re having “playtesting”. I want to see what it really means to be working on the industry and expected the difficulty curve to be really high, even exhausting even. But that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be prepared for such an occasion.

After all, that’s why we have “highschools” to begin with.

Anyways, pointless bantering aside, I used to want to design cards for the heck of it and wanted to make my own TCG, but did not expect the bulk of the work to be so massive and ended up being just a convoluted mess. The Ludus Magnus Project allows me to actually work with two other team members, one who has really good communication skills and the other has really amazing programming skills. As the one in charge of making the App’s overall scripting is given to these two team members, something that I am weak at and still needs improving. I was learning so much on the basics on the how’s of board game making and I learned to improve myself on how to make a basic board game at its fundamentals, using lots of equations and probabilities in mind as well.

It was an exhilarating and frightening experience, but I learned a lot and it helped me gain a new perspective on where I could go. Although, looking at the animators’ works on the other team’s cards, especially in War Wizard Tower game where the artist who designed the illustrations shows that I have a ton to learn and study regarding where I am right now and I am motivated enough to improve to the level that I would find satisfactory to the skills that I have right now. In addition, learning the fundamentals of C# really helps me to move along and learn new skillsets that I would be able to learn in the future.

I also learned collaboration and assisting others, I helped teammates get together and learn basic teamwork skills and we all learn from each other, from basic UI management to design code to asset design. It was something that I would find interesting. In addition, I also helped looked at other designers and other students from different fields and provide feedback as necessary, giving them the tools they need to improve. It is something that I have never done independently and with such interest that I find the experience rewarding just interacting with other people on their work and learn the behind the scenes process of what-makes-a-thing work.

Basics of project 1 and 3 were designed to teach me the fundamentals of understanding the concept of scheduling, while I learned the mistakes made during project 1, I made sure to made necessary changes to improve during project 3, as while I made attempts to schedule in project 2, things went a little bit under due to timing and life, which ends up hampering a lot of points that would otherwise improve myself for the better. I am not certain if I would be using these skills later down the line, but it is an important fundamental skill to learn and it would certainly be helpful in the future.


As for how I am going to get to a good job, I’m actually not sure. I don’t have that specific goal in mind nor do I have a specific industry or job that I want to work at. I just want the experience for now and see whether or not it would take me to a better place soon, or I might just work off from my parents’ place and never look back from this again, who knows. What I do know is that learning from these jobs, I find myself more interested in designing aspects than the management and business aspect, something that would require me to understand the fundamental principles of economy, to which I am severely weak at. Although every aspect is important and essential to making something and publish them out. All things considered, I would best flow along the rivers, and either I succeed or fail is considerable at the moment.


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