Progress Report X-28-2: 3D Iteration-Redesigning and Implementing in Game.

The previous blog on 3D covers the essentials on the models, how it was made and why it was made that way. Based on the perspectives I was given, I realized that the models do not fit the theme I wanted it to be, so I ended up refining them to a more better model and make necessary changes to it as needed.

The result is rather interesting, as I remade the sandwich into something a little bit more reflective of the style. It will be kept to the size ratio of 3 in the game but this is the base model of the design.


The method for making this sandwich is a little bit time-consuming as I had to design the base model alongside making changes such as reducing the size and making additions in the game, paint them with the appropriate colors and change them as necessary. The method is simply by using the palette brush and color and delete the shape as I go along. I followed the reference from the art bible and make the updates that I needed in order to make it the way I preferred. This results in the model above.


I realized that the frustration of creating with MagicaVoxel is that the controls aren’t easy to navigate. Some of the sections are a little hard to read, making it hard to translate and makes my job harder, but not impossible. There is no “colordrop” tool as far as I can see, so it is frustrating to pick the colors based off of the palette if you do not remember which color you need to use. There should be methods to prevent this, but based on experience, I haven’t found the right way to make the appropriate change, which makes this a little bit frustrating.

The next model is the drink and this is a lot more fun to make than the sandwich because there are not a lot of elements that I need to change. I decided to change the glass approach from the list of references I have because I do not have the skills to make it look pretty and also because mainly because of time constraints.

These references are updated from the Art Bible.

So from the references above, I used the bottle reference as a base and make changes as necessary, attaching and removing sections using the brush. It takes a significant process to complete it, but it is completed. I am not certain that this would be the right model and the positioning does seem off, but as we are on a time constraint, I will leave it at that.

Model change.PNG


That would be most of the work for my 3D art, I will cover more on the implementation and the design of the whole thing for the game later on in future progress reports. For now, this will cover the 3D model designs for the game.


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