Progress Report X-28-3 Audio BGM Re-Iteration

This progress report will specifically detail on all of the audio process making of Project 3 and the planning that went into making them. It will also detail why I made these choices and the methodologies behind each process works.

The basics on making this is that Vendorbus is a play of names to the Vengaboys song. As the intended reaction is to make the sounds a little reminiscent, we decided to test out the music with a remix of the song. The early results during playtesting were a little lackluster due to the sound being all over the place and the music itself being too loud.

The results ended up having myself to iterate the game completely from a different angle, using more simplified instruments and provide a short enough base for the arrangement not to sound too jarring. As a result, I made a new track out of it and use that as a standard base for editing and manipulating for later uses if it doesn’t work the way it was intended to.


So in order to change the base of the soundtrack, I changed the tempo accordingly and made some changes to the synths for each section, providing different sounds for each section.

In addition, the original BGM remix has made a shift change due to the nature of the sound that it’s being used, and it was modified and changed accordingly to reduce the overload of musical instruments in each background, making small changes as I go along.

Base Music Tools.PNG

The results were interesting, but does reduce the amount of quality in the game, using a part of the lyrics, making small synth changes and make necessary adjustments. The results of it follows down below:

The edits made are reduced and the edits were made to reiterate the sound the way it is, making it more streamlined and simplified. Taking a few notes and manipulate the basics of it to make a different track.

Remix track being edited and changed as necessary using different synths.

The results were mixed at best, this remix does not have the best arrangement, but it tries to interpret the style of the game, make changes as deemed necessary and edit them out as needed.

That is mostly the process for how I go about doing the changes in the audio assets to make the background music and how the direction changes to fit the scenario as needed. The next part of the progress report will cover the more advanced sections of the UI and the programming aspects with the assistance of other team members trying to make the best out of the code for it to be functional and working.



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