Progress Report X-28-3 – Documentation Design Edits

From our current documentation development, the changes that are made to the LDD are interactions within the game and what is made. We originally decided to move it over to the GDD, but because Matt was more insistent on having the mechanics layers in-depth to be placed in the LDD instead, so we changed it and make adjustments as necessary.

From our TDD development, as a team, we developed the document and make necessary changes with our sections. The changes in the game are adjusted as needed.


We also make some minor changes and continue to develop the GDD by changing some sections in the design aspect, including UI design and UI development in the game.


These basic layer interactions in-game will detail some of the basic elements of what makes a game and how it works. This is made apparent with some of the layout of the document design. As a group, we developed and edit and made some changes as needed and resolved some of the issues which found confusing. We even coincidentally found a mistake in one of the document’s sections and fixed it, the reasoning being that Matt is tired and he did not notice the elements of the level layout.


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