Progress Report X-24-2: Scripting Progress Report

In terms of creation and development of the game, I created the basic variables for the game manager.


Setting up the variables set up on the scene management above. Setting the gameobjects for the win and lose conditions and made comments as needed to. I also made the basic win and lose function script provided below. This prevents errors from happening in the game.


After doing some testing and researching, some of the major problems that are mentioned in this script is the Time.timeScale, which mentioned that it will not work if set up on a Time.deltaTime. Iterating those changes will come up on development and as the character controller is set up for the game, it will be referred to on the game manager, allowing to make changes as needed based on the conditions mentioned above.

Setting up the gameobjects as necessary as it goes along, which each function allows me to change the outlet of the game and allows me to test which is enabled or not based on tests and made changes and additions based on it. The reason the set active enabled is there is because of scene change does impact the different gameobjects appearing and disappearing, and thus must change/added to remove the problem.


Setting up the buttons provided as a function is a setup that allows you to restart, return to menu and the like. The problem on the last progress report mentions that I used application and it was used the same way here. I reiterated it by changing it using SceneManager and made necessary changes to prevent errors.

A singleton script was provided thanks to programmers working on it to make the shift change possible between scenes and allows me to use singleton to refer to different scripts, which allows for easier access. Once the interaction controller is complete, the script can be updated and reiterated to fit the scene as necessary.


In addition, a save manager was implemented with the help of PlayerPrefs, saving and storing the data in 2 different functions playing off. The reason for this is reflected in the fact that we intended to make two different level types, normal and hardcore mode.


This allows me to apply the script to the button so that when you can play, the data will remain and some elements of the game will reset.

On the side, I also made an extension to the health script so that it would function in the game, but it has not been implemented or updated, so there is no heavy iteration for the game yet. But the gist of it is that it allows you to set up the health bar. I can refer this to the game manager if the development of the scripts were made for the game.


In addition, I made a simple inventory script in the game which checks on each item and allows you to add or subtract the item and add coins in the game. Which acts as an inventory manager. This function will likely use the basics to be referred to the GameManager, which updates the coin count in the game. This also acts as an inventory in the game and it acts as a function which adds or subtracts objects in the game.


The methodology for this is to use a simple if function, one which allows me to check for objects and see if each object has that amount, it is simple mathematics that are within my limitations, so I was able to make a base out of it. This is used as a base for the other scripts to make a connection with the game.

Those are the heavy bulk of scripting that is design and iterated at the moment during testing. There will be more changes made in the future.


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