Progress Report X-25-EX Industry Talk: Perspective on Microsoft Studios

Microsoft Studios has been known to develop a lot of interesting content for gamers on a more universal level. It has been known as such that they have a reputation which allows them to shine through to the community and has shaped the culture of games to a significant degree. Ever since it bought Digital Anvil in the late 2000, it has been a start for them to use technology as a means of media which allows them to develop to what they are today, whether it would be for the negatives or the positives.

Microsoft released its first console, the X-Box, at late 2001 and it gained its starting reputation. This allows them to develop X-Box live and develop their brand as Microsoft Game Studios are made, as a part of the Microsoft brand.

As time goes on, Microsoft’s history has changed immensely from their release of Halo, Gex and the Age of Empires Series to many other titles such as the immensely popular Minecraft (technically Microsoft is given the reigns by the creator), Zoo Tycoon, World of Goo, Dust: An Elysian’s Tail, Ori and the Blind Forest and many more titles which has been a part of Microsoft’s branding now.

Games developed here has its history and is developing ways which could potentially maximize the potential of their company to its highest extent and the way they did it has developed a lot of history in the community and has been known to make interesting games based on the company it was given. It has its rocky history at times, but it is nevertheless a potentially strong industry with its own interesting approach to how they work.

Microsoft has been known to use other companies as a part of their brand to share and they allow the company to provide some many companies opportunities to improve their brand and gain reputation for their games to be played by consumers on either a national/international level.

As for how I approach it, I see it as an interesting approach to how the technology being used to represent their artistic creativity and how it helps to shape games in terms of digital platforming. Microsoft has been the main frontline for technology and has build a name for itself as one that revolutionized the way we use technology. On a software scope of things, games has been a platform which uses that technology to be presented as a medium of entertainment as well as a source of income for them. It has helped immensely in developing the way we see things and without them, things would not be the way it is today.


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