Progress Report X-28-1 Addendum: Career Perspectives

This will be an additional section covering the previous blog on my perspectives on career. This will cover on the basics on my “current predicted” career aspirations, how I plan to get there and how all the progress reports from previous iterations will help me to possibly “get there”.

What I aspire to be is either to be specifically working on the indie scene or work somewhere where the job offers me. The direction that I am going with is unknown at the moment and I’m not sure on the “how’s” on going to reach that position at the moment because I’m not sure what I want to make or what I intend to become interested in. Peer pressure intends to have me work on a proper job somewhere, but the position for a job here would be severely lacking at the moment. Working in the indie scene would have me be in charge of literally everything, from programming to design to scheduling to art to marketing of which only one out of the five I have prior knowledge and skill on. If working with others communication is integral to any part of development, of which I need experience and confidence, both of which I do not have.

In terms of the current developments over the last progress reports, I have developed at least two of the five core skills mentioned above. Programming in project 3 allows me to learn the fundamentals again as well as learning the new programming skills of C# and it helps me to schedule properly over the course of the groupwork. Project 2 allows me to have a little bit of confidence and learn about the ways of the board game industry and its quirks. It is an interesting development which allows me to learn something new that does not need to be simply on a digital platform.

There are a lot of skills that I have yet to learn, and I still make mistakes in terms of design documentation, scheduling, art and even programming which I have little experience on. The current progress I have been going through is not by leaps and bounds, but steadily and catching up is something that I lack the drive and passion because in essence, I did this not out of pure interest in games, but out of something that I want to do to get my mind off of the feelings I have been keeping for a long time. Right now, I am still learning and I am not certain on the direction. But the best thing to do is to learn as I work on the tasks provided and learn from others the ways of communication, design documentation, overall scoping and learning about games in new and different ways.


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