Progress Report X-28-2 Addendum: Iteration 3D model – Vendorbus Object Design

Based on the 3D models, there are some necessary changes that are made because there are issues in regards to the size of the model and the fact that the models themselves are too high in poly.

These changes are made in order to bring the quality of the 3D image, it would be better suited to look better aesthetically and make the bread have its coat of paint instead of using one plain color.

This is the new model, adding the textures and coloring the game itself.
original model
This is the old model in the game.

So, I added multiple colors and made paint adjustments as needed. The same is done for the bottle, I made a the colors of the bottle a little bit different from the models. The left one is the new model change and the right one is the old model. It took a simple paint job and fix a few of the attachment in the models. The reason for this is because of the issues regarding the aesthetic look of the bottle, thus it needs to be iterated so that it could change as needed.


These are changes that are made for the models in the game.



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