Progress Report X-28-3:EXTRA – Soundtrack Iteration: VengoRemix Attempt 2

This second attempt to reiterate the music is needed because I got feedback from Matt on the matter and see what changes on it.

He mentions cutting some of the intro a little bit as it goes along and keeping the pace of the speed as it is. Thus, changes are made to reflect that nature. This iteration is important because I added flow to the different music to make sure that they do not break the overall experience and bring the Vengaboys’ theme into play.

add acoustic ref.PNG


In addition, changes that are made to the danger track are made adjustments as necessary, such as cutting the time amount needed for the game. In addition, the remix is a short letimotif of the basic elements found in Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone. The first four notes seen in this synthesia is the basic element taken to reflect the nature of the 14 second track.



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