Progress Report X-28-4 – Questionnaire Feedback

From the feedback that was given from the questionnaire, the response was mixed but the movement critical response was mixed at best. We got a lot of feedback which is helpful in improving the game, such as improving the rotation and the camera position for the game based off the questionnaire that was given.

The questionnaire also give us feedback on overall interface and while everything flows out nicely, there are still issues that needs to be changed off in order to make it work properly. This is due to the fact that the game’s menu screen and the like does not reflect the game’s tone and nature. This may likely not be the case since there is little time to provide UI changes at the moment and as we are still making a working prototype, there’s not a lot of leeway into the minor changes at the moment, so that may not be reflected on the final product at the moment.

There is also little camera control in the game due to the fact that the game does not give much leeway for camera control. Carlos took note of that and made some fixes and added camera controller for the player to give leeway and control for the game, which would help us immensely.


People found noteworthy mentions of the aesthetics of the game, commending it for looking impressive and visually interesting, so we are on the right track on how it looks at the moment.

The best thing to do now is to see the external playtest later and see how other people will react to it.


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