Progress Report X27-B – Source Control Issues and Document Knockbacks

There are issues in regards to source controlling when we are developing the recent version of the game. Apparently, this issue is caused by the changes in the game and the fact that most of us have little understanding on source controlling and backup generating in the game. We had issues regarding how on the matters of pushing and pulling backup data and led to some of the data being lost because of the lack of informative information in the game.

The design of the game is compromised immensely due to the AI data which Matthew have worked on, is completely gone. Leading him to start over from scratch and leading to the data being completely irreversible to change. This leads to a massive drawback in the internal playtesting session and leads to some of the major hurdles in the development of the game.


This led us to restart everything from scratch and make every step to redevelop the game and have the necessary changes to ensure the same mistake does not occur again. As a team, we learned the fundamentals of how source control works and now taken several countermeasures to prevent the whole game from having to be made from scratch. This means communication of when to pull and when to push is needed to ensure that the edits are made as necessary. More briefer details will be covered on the post-mortem in terms of methodology and improvements of this issue in-game.


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