S02 – Progress Report 1 – Studio Goals

This is a new installment (or season) of studio goals, where I will cover some reports on some of the topics being brought up and to answer some of the basic questions of the inquiries mentioned in Studio 2’s diary briefs.

Specifically, on what I would get out of in Studio 2, the concepts of emotional or meaningful design and how would it help you with what you want to achieve as a designer.

Studio 2 has a more interesting set of curriculum because it involves player emotion. How does it affect the player to drive to a particular emotion. Games, like any form of media, are given as a form of expression to give to the player via interaction in the game. And those interactions leads to many different sets of emotions which helps to shape the responses to express a desire or to cater to a specific emotion which leads to an expression of what games are about.

What achievements that I wish to convey during this studio is to provide and use tools that are less-programming heavy in order to give a form of experience which could express personal and emotional responses to players, something that I wish to continue refining as I went along the curriculum.

Emotional or Meaningful Design helps to give a sense of purpose into the aspects of design and helps to make a game bring either a form of expression to the player in how they respond to a certain action. It helps ensure that the design brings together a flow which engages with the player, either on an emotional or interactive level.

As for how it would help me for my achievements as a designer, it particularly helps to build a good standing. As well as helping to exemplify how to convey emotions and meaning into games. To give a sense of purpose, understanding and a feel for certain situations. I personally think that having a connection to people and how they react to certain things gives an edge of what we can do to connect to others on a relatable level and ensure that they are prioritized on a more grander scale, while sacrificing an element of what makes a game to begin with, its interaction to the player and how minimalistic its approach is.

This is my current development for this blog. The next blog will cover the level of what I will be making for the first project as well as what inspirations I took for covering some of the elements of the game.



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