S02 – Progress Report 3 – Post Mortem: TBWCT

This progress report will contain the basic report on the post mortem of the game The Boy Who Cried Turtle. It will cover the basic elements of what did I do right, what did I do wrong and how will I be able to improve on it in the future.

This game can now be downloaded at

GameJolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/the-boy-who-cried-turtle/15686

Itch.io: https://amateurbb.itch.io/the-boy-who-cried-turtle

Also, there is no MAC build available at the moment.


Event Dungeon.png

What did I do right?

  • Elements of the game had some well defined moments in them which captures the soulful emotions in the game, an element I emphasized wanted to happen because it does try to encapsulate the feelings of loneliness and anxiety that happened during teenage years, something I hope to replicate in the game, and from what most of the questionnaires provide, it gets most of the scenes the way I want it to be (personal enough but not too open towards the private parts.)
  • Aesthetically, it gets the job done right. Looking like the visuals make a well representation of the world it provides, it gives the abstract sense I need and using the strong points of what makes the game good in order to strengthen the thematic feel to the game.
  • Scope is fulfilled, the game is complete in its own right. I personally do not intend on over scoping my boundaries with my skills, using engines and royalty free soundtrack which allows me to be flexible with eventing and spriting the art and the like, which gives me the time needed to complete it in a span of 2 weeks, something that is not impossible to handle from how I scope the game’s overall design.
  • Positive criticism tells me that the story is interesting and well thought out design wise, which is a strong point that I wish to continue building in future developments by utilizing low-risk scoping and try to compensate the lack of proper physics gameplay by implementing a strong sense of the overall emotional design so that the game implemented continues to give the strong feelings of what the game intended to.

What did I do wrong?

Surprisingly, what I did wrong is mostly in how the story paced itself. Which, while it is a large problem, it is easily fixed by arranging some scenes and reduce the amount of downtime for the despair area’s visit to make it much shorter without it breaking the immersion for each scene. To prevent this problem from occurring again, the best way to prevent it is to ensure that everything is laid out well enough. The best suggestion I could come up with is to create a proper Level Design Document which details what the level will entail and ensure consistency for each part, something I did not properly do in this project, which is something that needs to be fixed in future development projects.

The other problem is less on the time management, but the fact that I could not add additional scenes which makes the scenes much more powerful, such as extra animations or refined images, which are mostly intentional, but some are rushed due to lack of time to draw the overall scene. In addition, there is also an epilogue scene which is written out due to the complexity of the design and felt like it pads out the game too long past the five minute mark.

How to improve in the future?

To prevent these things from happening, I probably should test them outside my scope of view, possibly ask for feedback from other peers or other people which may give new insights to fix, or possibly be a little more persuasive in making the scenes flow better. For the most part, time management and scoping boundaries are the key, scheduling and visualization of the whole game makes can help improve the game slightly to make it better.

Although ultimately, the negatives are very few and far between and I would say that this project is successful in its own right.



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