S02 – Progress Report 5 – Emotional Relations


The creative direction of a creator connecting to the emotions that the games generally shows is the fact that the creator’s experience tries to emulate based on the feelings that it needs, whether it would be through atmosphere, experience, gameplay or otherwise stated, it would actually impact the general interest of the game and thus strengthen the overall presentation as a whole.

Some examples of how emotions are evoked in games are Final Fantasy series, which some of the developers created to evoke adventure, innovation and a grand story to tell. Every component makes up the different varying emotions the series has to offer and each has its own interesting way of pulling you in, whether through the story, the characters, the plot, the mechanics or even the music. Characters are shown in themes to represent how they act and shows that they themselves have an interesting quirk to show. Many different characters can be a testament to this.

Some characters which have depth such as Cecil Harvey shows the conflicting sides between light and dark and the gameplay shows that evoked notion through its simplicity.

Final Fantasy 6’s Terra Branford covers a journey of her identity and what she tries to find through her “amnesia” shows her characterization. This goes somewhat true with Final Fantasy 7, with Cloud Strife having his own identity to discover and figuring out his purpose as he discovers who he “really” is.

The former composer Nobuo Uematsu, tries to provoke a sense of emotion in these games in the later series. Some of his soundtrack has been well renowned amongst Video Game Industry and it is well warranted because of his ability to digest a scene and make it feel momentous to people who enjoyed watching their stories unfold.

In the case of how we would implement something like this into games, specifically ones that were intended to be made, I wouldn’t be sure on that matter. But evoking some of the components such as music and expressing the story (without the words) would be one approach which would allow the game to express its emotion in an interesting light.



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