S02 – Progress Report 7 – Project 2 Post Mortem

This details the postmortem of project 2 and will cover on some of the aspects on what went wrong, what went right and how will I improve the quality of future projects.


What Went Right?

  • Resources are fairly added, we were able to bring most of the required brief emotions down, with the exception of calm and, to an extent, happy. We were not able to bring that calm state with the music and with the happy theme, it seems off.
  • A lot of time, we were able to get most of the required platforms made on the time provided, something that we were not able to do before.
  • The game functions well enough to make it work to a degree before the final level, where there are some bugs and issues in the game.

What Went Wrong?

  • The lack of communication and being verbally more intuitive led us to not be able to provide a better result in the overall game and thus leads to some glitches/issues in the game.
  • There are a lot of problems in terms of game quality, the fact that we were also rushed in order to give the game lackluster overall visual quality. In addition, we had a lack of time management in this game, having a lot of issues in refinement and lacking in making the quality the best it can be.
  • The game mostly has physics problems, leading to a lot of issues in regards to making the ball as workable as it can.

How to improve?

  • The ball needs to have a stronger force within level two when the level starts getting to the anxious stage. The best way to do this is to properly playtest it early and pace out the jump power of the ball.
  • Proper time-scheduling and proper design in overall design and refinement in the game design.
  • Quality assurance and communication between team members needs improving.
  • Clarification on designing the levels and properly following them to the design and make only minor changes, otherwise the changes are unexpected and leads to some drawbacks.

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