S02 – Progress Report 7 – Character Emotions

Character emotions have been known to influence the player in different ways. Emotional responses gives away a great deal of characterization and feedback to the player in many ways. What we wanted our character to feel is to make them feel as relatable to the player as possible, which is why we wanted to make this character into a blank state as much as we can. Turning them into a normal, ordinary person who got home and was brought on to this disaster by bad luck and was forced by the Counter Force Strike to brought them to a safe zone. This character is placed onto much of a blank state because of the characterization that we wanted to put on the game.

The player story is as follows:

  • You are being called upon the Strike Force to leave your home as soon as possible. You are permitted to take several items with you to leave the house. They will ensure that you will be provided with safety and care and that you will only need your mementos or your important objects to take with you. This is optional though, as you can take survival items as you need to.

The player experiences the character through their eyes, so we wanted to make them feel relatable to the character as much as possible through their eyes as the player is the character itself. This is eventually changed to a more simpler explanation.

  • You are trapped in a fire. A helicopter will come and get you. You have two minutes in order to choose up to three items of your choosing before you are asked to leave.


One of the games that can represent this situation is something similar to the sixty second game. The similarities are nearly the same, but the main idea of out game is to represent the objects and how can they relate to one another.

This idea is then simplified in order to bring way to what we can make in the game. Though this idea may be developed further as we go along, we will have to see.


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