S02 – Progress Report 8 – Experience and Themes

In this progress report, I will quote down the question that was presented for us and I will attempt to try and answer these questions by presenting the aspects and explaining some of them which correlates to the game in a fashion:

“As you are making a game about a particular theme, it is important that every aspect of your game (mechanics, audiovisuals, tone, fonts, menus, etc.) all work together to produce a single, unified experience. Discuss how the different elements of your game are working together to work towards your theme. What are the elements you are concerned about jutting out? How might you fix them?”


In the game we are working on, its name now changed to From Ashes after much deliberation and some changes that had to be made to simplify the game, we had worked hard on creating the theme based on the experiences of a home. To somewhat replicate that feeling, we had to use a minimalistic approach. We don’t utilize a lot of mechanics that would overbear the quality of the experience and the story that would unfold in the game. Using cues and audiovisual feedback in the game, such as the fire effects, the pickup effects in the game as well as different methodologies which allows the game to interact the way we wanted to, we were able to subtly give the proper experience the game serves to fulfill, to a slight degree.


The font is changed in order to give a more slight different feel to the interaction of the game and makes it a standout amongst the rest. As previously, we kept attempting on using the Arial font, which is not the more optimal font to use in this type of game. It helps a little bit to spice up the design and make it slightly more developed throughout the overall design of the game.


In terms of tone, we wouldn’t want to ruin anything with background music or any other elements that would detract the whole game’s experience. So we did not add any, and limit the sounds to just the flames effect in the game, to make sure only what’s necessary is in the game. This is also because we do not have anyone in Audio working for us, so we had to make due with some free sound effects and apply what little we can in the game.

There are some elements that feel like the plot wouldn’t help much, such as giving the story too much fluff in terms of how it was presented. We had little time to process the change, so we went with what we have and work on it based on the limitations that we can work off of in the game.



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