S03 – Imii Studios – Failure through Production p.1

This blog will cover a reflective progress on what I did during the development of the game Sunshine Swings, a game with a lot of personal struggles and a lot of personal flaws. I will cover the simple basics on what the game was intended to be, from its conception to its development to the overall result of the game it is.

You can learn a lot from reading through personal experience, but you can learn so much more on what you shouldn’t do when you learn what mistakes we made through this experience and hopefully you can learn from this as much as we do.


So the general idea of this project is broad.

“Make a 2D Mobile Game”

This is something that is on the unfamiliar territory for me and something I am excited to work on, because it is 2D. Though later I learned that I take little involvement in the creation of the assets game wise, which I both feel complete unsatisfaction and relief at the same time. Simply because the project, in a way, went up in flames, metaphorically speaking.

We originally decided on making three different concepts, with several rules applied:

  1. We can’t make anything too overly aesthetic pleasing. That means no other elements other than a square/circle.
  2. We can’t add other components (but we were able to use stuff like text)
  3. We can’t decorate them (no alternate colors involved)

Because of this, we had to work off of what we have. And what little we have, we worked on it. What was the result of my draft:


  1. A multiple choice quiz
  2. A number order based game (where you put the numbers in the correct order)
  3. A puzzle game that I had no idea what I was doing.
One of the concept ideas for the game. A simple multiple choice question that lets you fill in the blanks in the sentence.

I had more technical aspects when deciding on the concepts. I had ideas that are more on the lines of education side of things. Of course, my partner thought otherwise as his concept (which barely reaches only 2 at most) has only 1 particular idea that’s even working.

  • A ball that flicks when you move.

We ended up with his idea. Because his idea is the only one with physics oriented in the game. And we do need to publish this commercially, so we find that it seems much more market-exploitable, and yes, that sentence seems so absolutely morally grey in a way, but it’s something that we had to make so we had to sacrifice what little morality we have.


Once we decided on the idea, it’s time to put it into practice. The concept we decided was more akin to shooting the ball, pull them and put them to destroy enemies in the game based on the direction that it was pulled in.

Of course, that isn’t the easiest ball in the park as well.

Using MyBalsamiq software, I made a base for the concept for the game while the documentation process is being developed in its earliest stages.


We tried sketching this out in an outline using myBalsamiq software, a software which is helpful to layout specific elements in a mobile game (to some extent anyways). And Matt thought that it would work, but there are issues in how it was designed, such as how it was positioned and how too complex it looked because there would be too much actions on the screen.

After feedback and consideration from a lecturer that Matt consulted for advice, we decided to change the concept into something more simple, but at the same time, how it was produced is something that would later on prove to be somewhat of a challenge fot the team that we are working on. And eventually, issues which lead to something that would lead to what I mentioned earlier, the project’s complete fallout.


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