So, user interface can be useful towards the development of communication and means of information in media in different ways. It may seem insignificant, but when you look at some of the elements in specific media, User interface is used at many points to create a link between one point to another to fulfill a specific purpose.

So how does this apply to media? Well, what works is that designing user interface can be utilized in multiple manner of ways. Some creative, some more business-like and some are more simple but also practical.

What generally fits within the idea of a user interface with different outlets? Examples below will cover some aspects of it (marketing wise or not) and to look at it and see what makes them the way they are. This is applicable as any media allows you to adapt to what sort of tool you use, whether it’d be a tablet, pc or mobile, fitting the interface to any form of tool/console allows you to control the links which lets you play around and explore, figuring out the tweaks behind the interactions between the different elements.


Social Media


sssss.PNGFacebook applies the basic interactions between the different aspects of social media. It primarily focused on news feed and messages because news feed allows you to know all the information you have of other people’s posts or anything your mutual friend posts. Messages are focused on anything you sent. These two are primarily the first thing on the list since it focuses based on its priority. What your current profile’s information retains. Following that are shortcuts to your links of your own page or any other and explore allows you to find different means of events, photos, pages and groups. They are considered secondary information and they are used to cover all the aspects of what you post or what different aspects have you collected as a link to the different elements in your facebook aspect.

Marketing wise, you would find this structured as a means of efficiency, personally speaking. They are structured simple enough for you to interact without making them too complicated for you to go through with instructions and what not.


Online Restaurants

ssssd.PNGThis menu allows you to interact with different elements, takes a record of it and allows you to transfer all your orders in order to allow easier access for ordering. Instead of direct order from the restaurant, you can allow online orders to ensure that you pick the order you want with easier flexibility and then allow payment within the required limitations. In this case, Dominos provides you with the orders that allows you to interact with their menu sets and allow vouchers for discounts, if allowed or available.



There are a LOT of examples of user interface in games. Primarily in games, you generally have menus where you can scroll down and select different aspects of that menu in order to proceed/select a specific aspect of that game’s element (be it setting wise or more for progression purposes).

Examples shown below:

















The following examples show the different elements of how they interact, from simplicity to how it was presented, it tries its best to fit the console it is on and allows the game to flow the way it needs to for clarity and aesthetic charm.


This can also be applied to all-purpose needs as well:

Supermarkets now have access to easier use for payment transfers. Customers now can input their items by simply scanning the barcode or search for the object and put them in the bag for payment. Process all payments and complete the transfer (change and all) in order to have easier interactions between the customer and all your required payments. In a way, there’s a form of efficiency in them. Although this needs to be monitored since it does not involve human interaction as they can’t exactly check whether you would steal or not (unless you got caught by the sensors).


Flights can be applied online. While not necessarily guaranteed safe, it allows easier access for you to book flights without letting you go to a nearby check-in zone to book one. So this makes things much easier and flexible with less time.


So from the examples shown above, there are a lot of practical uses for user interface. From how it is useful in the real world to multiple practical connections or links between different scenes, events, particular functions or elements. Marketing integration has plenty of useful aspects in how User Interface can interact with people and how it develops technology into what it was. You can particularly argue that Apple/Windows/Linux is one big user interface as well with multiple interactions that allows you to interact with elements in their system. Practically, User interface is considered, personally speaking, as a building block for accessibility in information, media and variables/elements which you can manipulate, provided that the base programming is implemented to the mix.


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