S03 – Development Addendums – Other Additional Notes on Sunshine Swings

There were a lot of additional content of behind the scene notes that I ended up forgetting to mention in the production of the game, but I will end up covering them. Simply as means of humoring myself to complete the checklist that I was given in order to satiate my dissatisfaction. In return, have more behind the scenes stuff you can learn a bit about.


The Mechanics over the Assets

I’ve heard that assets without being implemented, is nothing more than just asset soup without any substance or quality put through it. As much as we had to work on the mechanics of the game as our priority, our games did not work as well as the amount of required assets we need to create. The game physics of the game is not fixed that’s checked on the mobile, which ends up having us trying to figure out and fix some of the mechanics. We spent so much time trying to figure out the right parts for the whole thing to work that we ended up not being able to refine the game’s aesthetics with proper animation, having the ball have faces when showing up and several other animations such as slow down during the sand or getting splashed when hitting the water. Those animations are all lacking and due to the amount of time taken to actually fix the issues, we can’t get the assets produced to be of acceptable quality, at least in our image. This is also due to the fact that our current iteration is also a re-iteration of a format that we ended up changing because

  1. I was the one who made the textures, which is too stretched out and doesn’t fit.
  2. There were no collaborators at the time who can help us, so the best I can do is put placeholders to make up for us so that the game can be tested.
Placeholder iteration before the game is cleaned up and spruced up in the current version.

Based on my predicted proportions for the game’s mechanics over assets production development, I’d estimate to about 3:2, since while we did do assets we did not refine them to the point where it can be visually appealing enough. We focused so much on systems over content a little bit more on the mechanical side than the aesthetic side.

We will also cover a special aspect that I missed on this as well since it kind of relates. The integration to mobile and testing.


Testing Addendum: Transmission between PC and Mobile.


During the game development, the programmer have been developing the levels in PC and was mostly tested in PC. During this, we had to transition this from the unity scene file to the mobile app, since that’s where we’ll be posting our game. Needless to say this isn’t a very good transition at the start.

From the beginning, there were a lot of issues. Mainly in the movement, but some of them involves a lot to do with restarting. Sometimes, the camera would have to position itself differently from where they were and they were so away from the ball or too far for the ball to be properly flickable such that it would properly be controlled over for the ball. This ends up hurting testing a lot, which ends up with the programmer fixing some of the issues that we missed out during our mobile playtesting. The problems don’t end there. There were issues with some of the in-app purchases that are involved due to the system not responding properly, this ends up breaking my partner’s spirit a lot due to the pressure of not understanding the Google Play’s In-App purchase system. This ends up to the reason why progress for the game is slowing down immensely.


In addition, there is a massive issue I noticed during gameplay. There was a lag that happens after you play a few levels, and it affects performance to a ridiculous extent. This is not a good thing because this may end up breaking the game overall. We ended up not being able to fix this issue being that this issue is noticed extremely late in the game and we had no choice but to leave that issue be, due to the production ending at that time. It ended up being our mistake and we ended up regretting this design choice, due to the nature of our task not being able to even mitigate the issue.


Practice, Practice, Practice.

Having maintained a practice for User Interface creation during my development in a previous developments/games I’ve done before this project, I have been consistently trying to improve on this regard and I have been trying my best to practice looking and researching a little on how the basic integration between the user interface and how it works. The idea is that I tried my best to continuously improve on this front because of the fact that I am interested on the situation.

This project is no different, I created a mobile design that’s more akin to how I created the game and continue to maintain the practice that I made before, due to the fact that utilizing UI interfaces via means of mobile games is a little different than PC games. For one, their size is different, so they need to be adjusted accordingly. In addition, positioning and how it was arranged needs to be somewhat touchable and interactable to other people, so that it can help the consumer for easier access. This is a lot of design integration that I find fascinating and interesting and that I would hopefully be able to continue practicing these facets of these development design for the future.



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