The Failed Production Records – Diverse Studios and Shadow Deviation

During production that have been done as of a long while, I came across this little project. This project, which I have been working with an old team who is now my senior is a project which flopped completely because of a massive lack of motivation, a lack of coordination between teams and communication issues alongside balancing out making the game and ensuring that the basics even work for the engine. This is way back in 2015 I believe.

You see, I was only starting out in Unity working for this project and I was actually the one in charge of creating at least 75% of the assets because no one bothered to actually hire experts on the matter. And while I do have some experience working with it, I had a lot of hiccups back then. I wasn’t really a full fledged graphics designer nor am I a fantastic illustrator. Yet I did it anyways.

Also, a team member that I’ve done over the course of this production project does something that is not within the standards I wished to have. It depressed me, a lot.

Here are some of the old archives of old images that I’ve done during this production alongside some notes on what I’ve done on this project and what I am striving to improve artwise, especially since those characters are all taken by me and I actually now use them for… more personal purposes.

All these characters there are designed based on the different elements of Japanese characters I found in my research. Obviously Shisaa warrior and the ninja is one. While some of the characters have different Chinese elements on them. The blue haired man with the suit is an example of that. Although there isn’t much to put a more cultural spin on it and since I don’t have the opportunity to create monsters other than the basic amenities, I had to stick with the limitations of what I’ve got.

There’s a lot of backgrounds that I made for the game. And most of them aren’t even used in the game because of a lot of issues that resulted from time constraints having us making the levels the way they are. We ended up submitting up about 2/3 levels out of 6 to 10 and it is something that ruffles me in the many of the wrongest ways.


The base element and concept we were going for is something along the lines of the Hanami 花見 or Cherry Blossom Festival. It is something that we wished to emulate in the Japanese culture and put a more darker spin on it. Though production and ideas ended up being scrapped with quality issues. We were tasked to create something that involved ninjas. We had worked off a lot of elements to ensure that it works to the way I wished it to. It ended up being a mess due to errors and bugs regarding movement controls in the game.

These are all sprites that I had to draw with a lot of changes due to the strain I had to work with. That, and the fact that we ended up working it with Spriter2D makes this kind of obsolete late in the production, which is a little bit disappointing, to say the least.

And with a lot of those production failures, we ended up forgetting the project like it’s nothing. I deserved a lot of that since I wasn’t assertive to the team as trying to envision the idea I wanted into reality. So, something you should learn when you’re making games is that you should try and conceptualize and make it as simple and finish the barebones foundation and keep your team on the loop, ensuring that they all get the production issues working.

So what happened to this project now considering that I owned the characters as I’m the one who drew them. Well….

(laughs uncontrollably in the distance)


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